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How To Write A Song

At the heart of being an artist is songwriting. The craft of writing songs is likely to be thousands of years old. There is evidence that instruments were made by the Neanderthals in 50 – 60,000 BC. However, the earliest known song notations were recorded around 1,500 BC. 

Throughout history songwriting has evolved to include the huge variety of styles we hear today. Along the way, different parts of the world developed their own styles, instruments and rhythms. The ‘Western’ style we’re familiar with is based on a particular structure of chords, scales and rhythms. If you’d like to study Music Theory in more depth then we have linked to some articles here.

The 7 notes that form the basis of Western music are A, B, C, D, E, F and G. These in turn form 12 Major scales. Nearly all the music you hear today is built on these scales, so this article is focused on these.

These are the basic steps to writing a song. We’ll look at each in more depth.

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